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Value of Old Coins

Picture this: You come across an old coin that really makes you wonder if just maybe it is something of great value. Is it more than just an old coin? Is it a very rare coin? Does the condition of the coin put it in an exceptionally high price bracket?

Being able to determine the value of old coins is a real skill. There is always the option of paying for an appraisal, but why not acquire the necessary tools to at least make an educated guess of the coins value before you spend money on an appraisal every time you wonder about particular coins values.

The best place to start is finding an active market and researching what the coin values are currently. This is an excellent way to help:

  • Identify the coin
  • Verify the year and mint of the coin
  • Get a good idea of it's condition
  • See what other similar coins are selling for now

So before you decide to pay for a coin appraisal, check out the current coin market on eBay. It is quick, free, fun and educational.