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Collecting silver dollars provides an opportunity to select from a wide variety of subject matter and historical topics. Within this specific category of coin collecting the Morgan silver dollar will inevitably be mentioned. The silver dollar coin goes back a long way through countless significant historical events and the Morgan has become one of the truly great collectible silver dollars of our time.

Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan silver dollar is one of the most popular as well as extremely diverse examples which also highlight many of the unique events which have helped shape the United States throughout its history especially throughout the specific time period which it was originally produced. The Morgan which was first minted in 1878 is considered to be one of the most collected of all the American silver dollars.

Originally designed by George Morgan and first minted in Philadelphia in 1878 the coin would become more than anyone could have imagined as far as its ability to remain not only popular to collectors but in historical significance in its own right. During its original production it was minted in not only Philadelphia but Carson City, San Francisco, Denver and New Orleans as well.

When the Morgan silver dollar was conceived silver was very plentiful to the point that it made good sense to produce silver coins enhanced by the notable strikes of the Comstock Lode and several other mines in the west during this time period. Eventually the US government acquired enormous amounts of silver for the sole purpose of creating silver coins.

The Morgan silver dollar may create impressions of the old west in the minds of those who gaze upon examples. This is easy to imagine as one thinks of all of the historical characters and events which took place during the time these coins were originally minted. In due time the collectability factor would rise and the Morgan’s would ultimately make history once again in the form of not only the interest which collectors have for them but for the sheer value which many of the coins now command.