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Coin Collecting for Kids

Coin collecting for kids, and adults for that matter, can be both a fun and an educational experience. A child can get a head start learning about geography, history, math, and different cultures all while building something to be proud of. Coin collecting can improve a child's ability to set and reach goals. A coin collection is something that can be treasured for a lifetime.

You may want to start off by getting your child a coin collecting book. Preferably one made for children with illustrations and pictures. A great way to get started is to purchase mixed lots of old coins. Maybe your child has an interest in a particular subject such as collecting state coins, rare coins from a particular era, U.S. Mint silver dollars or coins minted on family member’s birthdays. Just giving a child a coin collecting guide or book as a birthday or Christmas gift just might spark their interest in starting their very own coin collection.