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Coin Collecting FAQ

Much of this information applies to finding silver coins, gold coins and many other collectibles as well.

Why begin coin collecting?

Every coin has a story behind it. People like coin collecting because old coins are like history you can hold in your hands. Finding out the stories behind these old coins can be just as much fun as finding the coins themselves.

Coin collecting can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. With a little knowledge you may find yourself inspecting every coin you come across, just in case it may be a desirable or rare silver dollar coin value worthy of adding to your coin collection.

Where should I look for coins?

Here are some of the most common places to find coins to add to your coin collection.

  • Coin shows - good for advanced coin collectors who really know what they are doing. This may be overwhelming if you are just beginning coin collecting but still an excellent way to soak it up in the real world.
  • Online Auctions - great for finding a wide range of coin values. Simple to search for exactly which coin you are interested in and you are able to set your own maximum price.
  • Flea Markets - A great way to "cherry pick" the dates and mints you may need for your coin collection. Also, you may be able to "haggle" with the seller to get the coins even cheaper than the asking price.
  • Coin Shops - An excellent source for finding a wide array of coins in different price ranges often depending on condition.
  • Pocket change - It is still quite possible to find very old or rare coins still in circulation. You may occasionally even find rare and unusual foreign coins which have an element of collectability.

How do I and should I buy coins on eBay?

It is easy, and free, to setup an eBay account. This will allow you to bid on the coins you find which you are interested in. Some sellers offer Buy It Now options as well. Please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Check the seller's feedback rating
  • Don't forget to take into account the shipping & handling charges
  • Carefully examine any pictures and ask for more pictures if you have any doubts
  • Read the seller's terms and conditions carefully
  • Only bid on items that you seriously want to buy

Should I clean my coins?

Use caution when cleaning coins. If cleaned improperly you can greatly reduce the value of old coins. We have found in our own experiences with cleaning old coins that Koinsolv works best for cleaning coins without removing the toning. We prefer to clean the coin with Koinsolv right before properly storing the coin long term in a nearly airtight holder. For more information see article on Cleaning Old Coins.

How should I store my coins?

There are several types of containers for coin storage.

  • Hard plastic holders are preferable for valuable coins. They are not known to contain any materials that harm coins, while at the same time offer good protection against scratches and other physical damage.
  • Slabs are sealed hard plastic holders for individual coins. They offer good protection. The expense of having a coin slabbed makes it suitable only for more valuable coins.
  • Bags, jars, boxes and envelopes are adequate for pocket change. Be sure to use envelopes made explicitly for holding coins or they may change color over time due to chemicals present in the paper.
  • Mylar-lined cardboard where a coin is placed between two halves, which are then stapled together.
  • Tubes are plastic containers designed for bulk storage of circulated coins and can be used for higher grade coins, provided the coins do not move. This option is not good for display purposes because the coins would need to be removed to be viewed.
  • Folders and albums which are sold for series and sets. They offer protection from wear and handling and are good for display purposes.